About Us

The Casual Pint Concept

The Casual Pint’s mission is to ‘share the craft beer experience in neighborhoods one pint, one growler and one person at a time’. The Casual Pint positions itself as a distinct alternative to the typical bar, a place where people could come to relax and enjoy beer in a comfortable and casual atmosphere. The Casual Pint is a place that celebrates craft beer.

The Casual Pint refers to itself as a craft beer market as opposed to a bar. The name Casual Pint Craft Beer Market says it all. ‘Casual,’ conveys the informal, relaxed and safe environment. ‘Pint,’ the sentiment of an old English pub, a welcoming place where friends meet and beer is served in pint glasses. Finally, ‘Beer Market,’ a retail spot to purchase beer by the bottle, Growler or Keg to take home.

The focus of sale at the Casual Pint is the sale of craft beer for takeout, in either bottle or Growler form. A bar is simply offered for the enjoyment of customers to taste different selections and to help them choose what they will take home. The Casual Pint is a unique place that celebrates craft beer, much as a premium coffee shop celebrates coffee. The Casual Pint is truly the place ‘Where Beer Lovers Meet’.